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Join us in our weekly practice of Magical Passes and Recapitulation.
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About Tensegrity®

Tensegrity® was developed by Carlos Castaneda and his cohorts, Carol Tiggs, Taisha Abelar and Florinda Donner-Grau. Castaneda, an anthropologist and shaman, met his shaman-teacher, don Juan Matus, who taught him everything he knew about energy – how to cultivate it within ourselves, and how to move on it to different realities.

In Tensegrity we teach a set of powerful practical tools, which help you live an extraordinary life.

Magical Passes®
Magical Passes have been developed by shamans of ancient Mexico. The practice of these movements creates a state of enhanced awareness, mental and physical wellbeing, inner silence and a deep connection to ourselves and other beings.

Recapitulation helps you track your patterns and detach from the weight and concerns of the past. You become more present and focused and have more power to choose new ways of being and acting in life.

Practical Dreaming
Another tool of Tensegrity which lets you utilise the power of the dreaming attention in a practical way, at night and in your daily life.

Watch this free video series about our lineage and how Tensegrity® was forged.

Where to Practice?

Ways to practice Tensegrity and enhance your everyday life.

Weekly Tensegrity Online Practice

We will practice Magical Passes and Recapitulation.

Magical Passes are movements, breaths and body positions to enhance your vitality and wellbeing.

Practising movements has the effect of shutting of the noise of the mind: the internal dialogue. You experience Innere Silence and feel connected to your source of being.


Cleargreen Workshops

If you want to practice Tensegrity in larger, international groups to make a deep live experience, we recommend not to miss one of the upcoming workshops at Cleargreen.