About Us

We are a group of facilitators professionally trained by Cleargreen Inc. in leading Tensegrity events and classes.

Our classes are given online and in person.

Randa Galal

Level 4 facilitator in training

A doctor, board certified in psychosomatic medicine and clinical psychology. Randa came across Tensegrity in 2011 while driven by her curiosity for alternative healing practices.

Fascinated by Magical PassesĀ® and the effects they have on the physical and mental health, she soon joined the Tensegrity facilitator training provided by Cleargreen Inc.- to learn and experience more about the ancient Mexican knowledge.  

She has given Tensegrity classes and events across Germany in places such as Munich, Berlin and Northern Bavaria and continues helping people to heal themselves and to live a magical life with full potential.

Alex Marek

Level 4 facilitator in training

Alex has begun his journey as an avid reader of Castaneda’s books back in the mid 1990’s.

While being involved in running the London Tensegrity group at Concord Institute, he felt the need to enroll in the formal Tensegrity facilitator training to be able to better lead class and workshop participants. He began his facilitator journey in the summer of 2014 at a workshop in Wolfratshausen (DE) and hasn’t stopped since. Alex has led classes and Tensegrity events in the UK, Germany, France and Czech Republic and continues to explore the possibilities of the online practice space.