Tensegrity online practice

These weekly online classes are a perfect opportunity to connect with your deeper self. You’ll be able to learn essential Tensegrity magical passes, individual movements and longer forms, in more detail and embody them to make them part of your daily life.

At the latter part of each session there is a space for recapitulation and active meditation to further enhance and use the energy gained by the practice of magical passes.

The Tensegrity practice is led by trained facilitators with years of experience. Participants get the opportunity to ask questions and practice from wherever they are, making this a truly global experience.

Ideal for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike. Come and join us!


The online practice resumes on Wednesday the 2nd of September, 2020.


What time:
7-8pm CEST

Online (via Zoom)

20€ (whole month)
6€ (one meeting)

Register (whole month) Register (one meeting)