Tensegrity® Worldwide Immersion

One of the most potent forces keeping us from living the life of our dreams is a lack of energy. We attempt to manage our lives like we do our smartphones … running from charging station to charging station, trying to get enough of a charge to keep us going until we can locate that next boost.

We chase after external, artificial  morsels of energy and regardless of how healthy they may or may not be; a vacation on a mountain top, lounging on a sunny beach or your morning dose of caffeine, the truth is that they are temporary substitutes at best. 

The reason we are in such seemingly desperate need for more energy is that, according to Carlos Castaneda and the shamans of his lineage, we come into this world with a finite amount of energy, and we exhaust it at an early age. Kids have an abundance of energy, which gets depleted far too soon through the wear and tear of daily life.

The solution therefore is to reclaim that lost energy and then redeploy it into the areas of our lives that matter most.  That is what you will experience at our 2020 Tensegrity┬« Worldwide Immersion.  

September 23 - 27, 2020

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